Are Opals Effective for Astrological Use?

Indian astrology is one of the earliest phenomenons in the world. Its impact on the Hindu beliefs and culture cannot be underestimated as some of the beliefs are still withheld even today. The Vedic astrology associates six major categories of gemstones with the Hindu gods. These comprise of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls and opals. Notably, each of these precious gems is believed to draw some sort of divine power from the nine planets of the universe. Nevertheless, some gem stones are considered to be more helpful than others in terms of the divine help the offer to those who wear them.

Diamonds and Opals seem to contend each other in terms of which of the two is most convenient to the wearer and between the two which one offers the most likelihood for fortunes. This is a controversial issue since both opals and diamonds share the same ruling planet which is Venus. This thus implies that there is not much difference in the fortunes associated with the two. Remarkably, analyzing even the structural and chemical compositions of both opals and diamonds, you will realize that opals are simply an alternative or surrogate for diamonds. Both have the same chemical structure only that the main atoms in diamond are carbon and those of opals are silicon and oxygen atoms. They are nebulous in nature and tend to be non-crystalline. The only significant difference is that diamonds are relatively harder than opals owing to the fact that the carbon atoms in diamonds are conjoined by strong covalent bonds.

However, there seem to be a higher preference for opals than diamonds. This partially is due to the fact that opals are quite elegant as compared to diamonds. Opals are conspicuous and exist in a wider range of forms than diamond. Diamonds on the other hand are also attractive but look less sophisticated than opals. Another reason why opals are preferred over diamonds is because they are easier to cut than diamonds and thus can be shaped easily into the desired shapes. Diamond is the hardest of all stones and thus its cutting ability is limited and thus can only make a restrained number of shapes.

In terms of the affluences and prosperities associated with each of the two, some contrasts can be drawn. Diamonds are linked to strength and protection. They are believed by astronomers to possess a healing power to various diseases as well as well as protect their subjects from evil people. Particularly they are a remedy for long-lasting marriages and relationships. Opals on the other hand seem to possess powers associated with diamonds and are confirmed to offer more healing than diamonds. They are also special in that they provide success in wealth accumulation. Another important role of opals is that they rectify various sexually related maladies. It is a fact that sexual disarrays are one of the most conventional causes of family and relationship break ups thus opals are more convincing in keeping relationships than diamonds.

The fact that diamonds are lethally stronger for new users makes opals even more effective than diamonds especially for new people with weak consciences. In conclusion, it is a wise thing to consult an expert in Vedic astronomy before making a decision on which gemstone to use as a birthstone.

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