Be Graceful Like Cleopatra with Emerald Jewelry

According to ancient history, Cleopatra the queen of Egypt had an everlasting love for emerald jewelry. If historians are to be believed, there were many mines in Egypt which belonged to Cleopatra. Most of her robes were embellished with emerald stones. The love for emeralds began when Cleopatra became the queen of Egypt. Emeralds symbolized fertility and splendor with its rich deep green color.

The emerald stones have been associated with the Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt even though these gemstones were never found by historians inEgyptas the Gemstone of the queen. This legacy has been mysterious, alluring and powerful similar to the great Egyptian Queen. As emeralds are linked to the fascination of the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, it is even more desirable and alluring among various types of precious gemstones.

emerald jewelryThe Egyptians were known to bury the stones with the dead as it was believed to bring forth youth and long-lasting life. This remarkable gemstone is known to possess a wide variety of healing power although it has a soothing effect on the eye.

The beautiful green color of the emerald gemstone makes it unparalleled in grace and beauty in the kingdom of gems. The rich green color blended with its rare features makes it one of the priceless stones known to mankind. The Columbian emeralds are of exceptional quality and features. It is the finest source of gemstones available in the entire world.

The Brazilian emeralds vary in color which range from a light green to a dark blue green color. The Siberian emeralds are also noted for its impeccable clarity and greenish color.

Emerald jewelries can be found in different varieties which include pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets. The gemstone exhibits a brilliant radiance which can seldom be compared to other gemstones. Little wonder that Cleopatra wanted the emerald mines for herself and her country.

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