The Birthstone of July is Original Ruby

The deep red ruby which is the birthstone of July is second to diamonds as it is among the strongest gemstones available on earth. It is the birthstone of the zodiac sign Cancer and it can be worn by people who are born in the month of July. This perfect and translucent gemstone is believed to possess an internal flame that could never be extinguished. This beautiful gemstone is considered to be an embodiment of everlasting love and passion. Although this precious gemstone is available in various shades of red, the purple red stones are known to be the most precious and valued gemstones in the world.

Ruby is believed to bring forth prosperity and success to the wearer. It is also believed to possess various curative properties as it helps to heal diseases related to the blood.

ruby gemstone bracelet birthstone july

A Ruby Gemstone is Birthstone for Month of July and Gives best results when worn as a bracelet, ring or pendant. Free shipping to our clients worldwide including USA, UK, China, Japan, Australia, Europe and South American Continent

The ruby gemstone is found in various countries such as Tanzania, Burma, Afghanistan, India, Burma and Thailand. A natural earth mined ruby gemstone is associated with integrity, courage, devotion and happiness.

There are many myths and legends associated with this beautiful and extra-ordinary gemstone. It is believed that the ruby gemstone changes its color to a deeper red when the wearer of the stone is in danger. According to legends, the fire which is inside the gemstone is believed to enhance love, passion, motivation and inspiration in the wearer.

This beautiful and fiery red gemstone brings forth wisdom and clarity to the wearer. The wearer of ruby gemstone is also believed to possess the strength to resist self-destructive behavior. Dreaming about rubies is believed to bring forth luck, wealth and prosperity.

The gemstone can be worn while sleeping to have lucid dreams. Wearing ruby gemstones also helps to cure various infections and clear toxins from the blood. Ruby gemstone has the power to bring forth tranquility, serenity and peace of mind to the wearer. We can deliver precious stones including ruby birthstones to Birmingham, Lincolnshire, London UK within 4- 7 days at no extra charge.

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