Black Diamonds and Indian Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds are among the most exquisite and rare gemstones which is found in Central African Republic and Brazil. It is also known as Carbonados. In the earlier days, black colored diamonds were seldom used in jewelries but today black colored diamonds have become increasingly popular due to its rarity and excellence. Fancy diamonds usually include flaws which dampen its popularity and demand. Similar to the colorless diamonds, the black colored ones are chosen according to its carat, color, clarity and cut. Diamonds which are derived from the crust of the earth in dark colors are rare and therefore it is very expensive. The changes in dark colored diamonds are mainly caused when the light colored diamonds are subjected to very high temperature.

Unique and exquisite black colored diamonds are used in engagement rings and anniversary gift items. Today it is widely available in the form of rings, bracelets, necklaces and so forth. The value of the diamonds depends on the color or the hue of the stone. Rich colors or hues include a high price as deep black colored diamonds are rare. Black colored diamonds set in beautiful platinum or gold rings and necklaces enhance the beauty of the gemstone in numerous ways.

black diamond

Black diamond jewellery is in demand as it exudes an elegance and sophistication which is quite incomparable. The Indian black diamond jewelry is renowned worldwide for its exquisite designs and styles which add to its aura. Majority of the colored diamonds are naturally mined and therefore it emits a dull hue. It is polished and shaped to enhance its seductive features and appearance. The saturation of the gemstone is also increased through these techniques. Today black, beautiful diamond rings can be bought even through online stores. Black colored diamonds are considered to be ideal gift items for both men and women.

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