Are Opals Effective for Astrological Use?

Indian astrology is one of the earliest phenomenons in the world. Its impact on the Hindu beliefs and culture cannot be underestimated as some of the beliefs are still withheld even today. The Vedic astrology associates six major categories of gemstones with the Hindu gods. These comprise of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls and opals. Notably, each of these ... [Continue Reading]

Where to Buy a Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam Online

Yellow Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and More from India's Favourite Online Gem Store India’s number one gem store Bello is one of the best places to shop for all types of gemstones which include Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam. Most of these gemstones are available on Bello Jewels online stores at affordable price rates. The store also offers free shipping of gemstones to various ... [Continue Reading]

Why Astrological Gems are Lucky for You

Birthstones have been believed to possess supernatural powers which bring forth health, wealth and prosperity to the wearer. Modern birthstones are linked to the calendar months and each month has a specific birthstone with its own intriguing properties. Birthstones can be identified through free astro software. The birthstone for the month of January is garnet gemstone ... [Continue Reading]

Wear Gemstones after seeking advice from Good Astrologer

Ancient astrology suggests that gemstones be worn only after taking proper guidance from a good astrologer. One should wear a gemstone according to the horoscope recommendation or a stone that suits the zodiac sign. Every person’s astrology is ruled by the nine planets and thus one should wear a gemstone that can help you overcome any obstacles caused due to such planet ... [Continue Reading]

Vibrant Stone Emerald Has the Power of Full Moon

The word emerald is derived from the Persian language which means Green Gem. The magnificent gemstone emerald is usually found in rectangular shapes and it is forever surrounded by mysticism and unusual folklores. Throughout history, this vibrant gemstone is known for its deep rich color and opulent appearance. The stone was worshipped by people of the earlier ... [Continue Reading]

Things to Remember While Buying Emerald Gemstone

Emerald gemstones are considered to be the epitome of luscious beauty and life. Most people love to buy emerald gemstones as it exudes an unmatchable brilliance and opulence. This stunning green gemstone is the birthstone of May and it is said to have been loved by Cleopatra above all her possessions and riches. Known as the symbol of love, fertility, rebirth and youth, ... [Continue Reading]

Positive Influence of Wearing Ruby Gems

Ruby gems are among the four most precious gemstones found on earth which include diamond, sapphire and emerald. The color of this beautiful gemstone varies from a deep rich red to a purplish red color. It is known in different names all over the world. Considered as the King of Gems, the ruby stones are often worn to reduce the malefic influences of the sun. There are ... [Continue Reading]

Pearl is a good choice for bride’s wedding jewelry

A groom will definitely fall short of words to say how beautiful his bride looks while she walks down the aisle in a gorgeous white wedding dress with an elegant pearl set on her. The bride is always the center of attraction at the wedding venue and why not enhance that look with simple pearl jewelry. There is a separate collection of pearl jewelry especially for brides so ... [Continue Reading]

Good Feng Shui effects of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Also known as the healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is powerful and is known for protecting the person who is wearing it. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone is available in different colors such as yellow, red, brown and many more. This is a very special stone because it is believed that it possesses a watchful quality. These stones are mostly seen in home décor items. ... [Continue Reading]

Emerald Silver Jewelry Created With Expertise

Emeralds are among the most exquisite gemstones which are bright green in color. This perfect gemstone represents planet mercury and it can be worn to counter the ill effects of mercury. Although this beautiful stone is used in a wide variety of jewelries, the emerald silver jewelry is among the most popular types of jewelries used all around the world. Beautiful silver ... [Continue Reading]