Purchasing Handmade Gemstone Jewelry from Around the World

Purchasing jewelry for someone so special can be an overwhelming procedure so here is a guide for you. You should endeavor to figure out what they like and afterward pick that immaculate piece that will make them happy. It's not a simple task; however, there are approaches to guarantee that you express your affection through beautifully crafted gemstone jewelry. It is ... [Continue Reading]

Black Diamonds and Indian Black Diamond Jewelry

Black diamonds are among the most exquisite and rare gemstones which is found in Central African Republic and Brazil. It is also known as Carbonados. In the earlier days, black colored diamonds were seldom used in jewelries but today black colored diamonds have become increasingly popular due to its rarity and excellence. Fancy diamonds usually include flaws which dampen ... [Continue Reading]

Rainbow Handcraft Necklaces for Special Occasion

The rainbow handcraft necklaces are among the most popular designer jewelries available today. These handcrafted jewelries are made from the finest collection of rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These multi- gemstone jewelries are exquisite and quite unique in appearance. As it includes different colors such as green, white, red and yellow, it blends perfectly with ... [Continue Reading]

Look Extraordinary with Emerald Handcrafted Necklace

The emerald handcrafted necklace emanates a vibrant and natural tint of green color which obviously attracts people from all around the world. Emerald, the birthstone of May is one of the most fabulous gemstones in the world which is used in most of the precious jewelries. The emerald jewelry is found in a variety of forms which include beautiful and dazzling necklaces, ... [Continue Reading]

Know Your Favorite Stones- Emerald and Diamond

The emerald and diamond gemstones are among the most precious and dazzling stones made available to mankind. The emerald gemstone is in its rarest and finest variety in Columbia. This deep rich and elegant gemstone is widely used in all types of jewelries which include pendants, necklaces, rings and so forth. The Cat’s Eye emerald is one of the most popular and expensive ... [Continue Reading]

Gemstone Necklaces uniquely Crafted by Indian Hands

India has the long tradition of crafting gemstone necklaces with expertise and creativity. Exquisite jewelries are made with different types of gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, topaz, opal, moonstone and so forth. Among a wide range of gemstones, ruby is one of the most popular and expensive gemstone used in jewelries. Expensive and beautiful gemstone jewelries are ... [Continue Reading]

Exclusively Designed and Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

Handcrafted gemstone jewelry offers a great option to people who seek classy jewelry at affordable rates. Gemstone jewelry has become synonymous with beaded types of jewelries due to its designs and styles. Most of the handmade beaded jewelries are quite unique in style as it offers an infinite elegance. Unlike the branded jewelries, handmade jewelries can be bought at ... [Continue Reading]

Ethnic handmade jewelry in silver for sale

Silver jewelry is always a treasured jewelry. It is also a versatile metal and adds grace to different gemstones, diamonds and different colored beads. Ethnic handmade jewelry in silver is always cherished. Sterling silver jewelry is extremely precious and one should be aware of what they are actually buying. There is another silver plated jewelry available in the market ... [Continue Reading]

Enjoy Colors with Handcrafted Gemstones Necklace

Beautiful handmade gemstone necklaces crafted with some of the most remarkable gemstones and metals in the world can be easily bought these days. Some of the most popular gemstones used include peridot, jasper, turquoise, tiger’s eye, jade, garnet, mother of pearl and so forth. Exceptional handmade jewelries also highlight various styles of gold filled and sterling silver ... [Continue Reading]