Gambling and the effect of Astrology and Gemstones

Gambling is inherent in the human psyche and everyone has gambled sometime or the other or has wished to do so in his life. It may be just for fun sake or serious gambling involving money. There are many people who are categorized as “Born Lucky” who almost always win at a card Game or lotteries. How is it so? After all there is only 10% as element of skill involved in ... [Continue Reading]

Where to Buy a Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam Online

Yellow Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and More from India's Favourite Online Gem Store India’s number one gem store Bello is one of the best places to shop for all types of gemstones which include Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam. Most of these gemstones are available on Bello Jewels online stores at affordable price rates. The store also offers free shipping of gemstones to various ... [Continue Reading]

Why Astrological Gems are Lucky for You

Birthstones have been believed to possess supernatural powers which bring forth health, wealth and prosperity to the wearer. Modern birthstones are linked to the calendar months and each month has a specific birthstone with its own intriguing properties. Birthstones can be identified through free astro software. The birthstone for the month of January is garnet gemstone ... [Continue Reading]

Unique Anniversary and Birthday Gift Ideas

With a distinctive variety of gemstones available these days, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated in grandeur by gifting some of the most exquisite collection of gemstone jewelries. Indian gemstone jewelries are known for its distinctive elegance and beauty. There are specific gemstones which are related to birth stars and wedding anniversaries. While the first ... [Continue Reading]

Handmade in India- Gemstone Necklace Gifts

Gemstone necklaces are available in an assortment of gorgeous varieties. There are a large variety of handmade jewelries made of different types of gemstones. It is easy to find ruby, emerald, sapphire necklace sets inUKas there are many authentic stores that showcase a huge range of exquisite necklaces. A combination of ruby, emerald and sapphire in necklace sets are ... [Continue Reading]

Purchasing Gemstones Online From India

Today it is easy to buy gemstones from online stores at affordable price rates but it is quite important to consider various aspects while buying these precious and semi-precious stones. The price of the gemstone varies according to the rarity and the availability of the stones. It is quite essential to consider the color and the clarity of the gemstones before buying it ... [Continue Reading]

Purchasing Rudrakshas with Confidence From UK

Rudraksha is a scared bead which has immense powers. This bead can be worn to achieve health, wealth, spirituality and so forth. Millions of people benefit from wearing the Rudrakshas in various forms. There are different types of Rudrakshas as every single bead has different faces or mukhis. The visible vertical lines which are seen across the beads are known as mukhis or ... [Continue Reading]

What is the Astrological Impact of a Ruby Gem?

Apart from being used in jewelries, the ruby gemstone has many hidden qualities and mystical powers. It is essential to identify what is a ruby gem prominently famous for when it is used in different types of jewelries. Every gemstone has a prominent impact on the wearer in different ways. The ruby gemstone influences power, generosity, boldness, dignity, authority and ... [Continue Reading]

Wear Gemstones after seeking advice from Good Astrologer

Ancient astrology suggests that gemstones be worn only after taking proper guidance from a good astrologer. One should wear a gemstone according to the horoscope recommendation or a stone that suits the zodiac sign. Every person’s astrology is ruled by the nine planets and thus one should wear a gemstone that can help you overcome any obstacles caused due to such planet ... [Continue Reading]

Pearl-Stone Beneficial for Students and Scholars

Pearls were only worn by the rich and the elite once upon a time. The very fact that they originate from real oysters from the sea made them very rare and expensive those days. However, today pearls are the most common forms of jewelry available and are quite affordable these days. A variety of pearl collection is available to suit all kinds of occasions. Be it regular ... [Continue Reading]