Best Practices to Buy Gemstones Online from India

  One of the best solutions giving customers great satisfaction in the way and manner they are able to get their purchases done in a jiffy is the internet. It has become almost as comfortable, if not more as the regular offline market. Notwithstanding, on account of loose precious and semi precious gemstones, it's not in like manner, dependably. Most recent ... [Continue Reading]

Best Gemstones to Wear for Wealth and Prosperity

Man has been attracted by brilliant stones and gems from time immemorial. He has worn it as an embellishment and stored it to build his riches and social position. Some of these gems have been known to bring distinction, influence and riches to the person who has it. In this article, we will review the properties of blue sapphire, emerald and diamond/zircon as it ... [Continue Reading]

Precautions while Buying Online Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones and gemstone jewelry are quite expensive. Therefore it is pertinent to be cautious while buying online jewelry. Today there are many websites that offer different types of gemstone jewelries at various price rates which can be quite alluring. Some of these websites also offer jewelries at affordable prices. It is quite important to check the authenticity of these ... [Continue Reading]

Handcrafted Ruby Jewelry- Epitome of Elegance

Ruby, the Lord of Gems, is the most outstanding gemstone which is considered to be the sign of passion and love. This beautiful gemstone was first discovered inBurma. It is widely used in all types of jewelries. Handcrafted ruby jewelry is noted for its remarkable designs and unimaginable styles. These jewelries are known to enhance the overall appearance of the wearer. It ... [Continue Reading]