Effects of Precious Stones as Ruby in Daily Life

Ruby is one of the most precious stones associated with various beneficial features. Known as one of the most magnificent gemstones, it is related to passion, love and wealth. The gemstone is deeply connected to the Indian cultures as there are various references to this stone in the Indian Vedic Literature.

Known as the stone of the Sun, rubies signify magnificence, splendor, power and courage. It is also known as the King of Gemstones as it is the most exquisite and expensive stone in the Corundum family. This magnificent gemstone is also believed to possess innumerable beneficial features which include health and financial benefits. The wearer of ruby stones is known to possess an enhanced self-confidence.

precious stonesRuby stones are considered to be as precious as diamonds as it possesses a brilliant aura which is quite incomparable. It is considered to be the birthstone of people born in the month of July. The stone is believed to be ingrained with various health benefits which include relief from cardiac problems, hypertension, insomnia and rheumatism. It also brings prosperity and wealth to the wearer. Politicians, spiritual leaders, diplomats and people in authoritative positions wear this unique gemstone to attract people.

The ruby gemstone is usually found in deep red color, although it can be found in other shades of red and pink. Ruby can vary in luster and color and each gemstone has its own properties and features according to the Indian Vedas. There are specific gemstones for people from different walks of life.

The ruby gemstones must be free from all blemishes which include dark spots, cracks and lines to obtain the desired results. Precious stones like rubies should possess a uniform color, luster and appearance to be considered precious and auspicious. Some of the best ruby gemstones are mined from countries such asBurma,Srilanka,India,TanzaniaandSouth Africa.

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