Gambling and the effect of Astrology and Gemstones

Gambling is inherent in the human psyche and everyone has gambled sometime or the other or has wished to do so in his life. It may be just for fun sake or serious gambling involving money.

There are many people who are categorized as “Born Lucky” who almost always win at a card Game or lotteries. How is it so? After all there is only 10% as element of skill involved in any game – rest is all Luck. Is it some kind of a secret lucky charm they keep always or is it something else? There was this gentleman who won first prize of Rs. 1.00 Lakh Rupees (GBP 1100, USD 1500) not once or twice but three times. There is another person who always gets excellent cards in a game of Flush, Poker or Rummy – even if his cards are not so strong, his opponent’s cards are even weaker. One more person know to me is a compulsive Gambler at the Casinos for last 15 years – playing at least 10 days in a month – high stakes at the Roulette or Blackjack tables – winning 95% of the times.

Astrological Effects on your Horoscope and Gambling

Understand which gemstone will work as the right lucky charm for you to boost your gambling luck. You may also use our free online astrology software for your readings or send us an email(info at for more information.

How does one explain this phenomenon?

Simple, it is all in the Stars!

On a study of over 20 years, it is found that the common denominator is the Rashi (House) that is favourable for gambling and the placement of his particular Star favouring Gambling-e.g. if a person has Libra as his ascendant (First House) then that person’s lucky planet would be Saturn. Now, Libra itself is a good Rashi for Gambling and if the Saturn is also well placed in his Horoscope, he is bound to win most of the times in Gambling. This will be effected to some extent with the current period (Dasha) as well as the transit of Saturn.

We have also seen that Gemstones also play an important factor in the gambling process and can modify the luck in favour of the wearer of that particular stone to a large extent. Many use these mystical gemstones as a good luck charm.

Following are the details of each Rashi and the planets favoring that Rashi, along with the lucky gemstone:

  1. Aries (Mesha) – This is an airy sign and a lucky sign as such – you may not find many Arians around you as most of the Industrialists,politicians,filmstars,celebrities etc have this sign as their ascendant. The Lord of Aries is the planet Mars and as such these natives are generally of a risk taking nature and inclined towards gambling though not professionally. The chances of lady luck favouring them is quite strong. The luck stone for them for gambling is the gem Coral (Monga). If worn in a Ring or as a pendant in Silver, will enhance their chances of winning manifolds. The Gem should be 8-10 carats in weight and to be worn on a Tuesday.
  2. Taurus (Vrisha) – Natives Ruled by Taurus as their Ascendant are not much inclined towards gambling being more practical in nature but do enjoy gambling as a sport. Ruled by Venus, once they do gamble, it is for big bucks. They are never disappointed by losing and generally come out even in any game. The lucky stone for them is a Diamond which should be worn in the Ring finger of either hand. The Diamond should be at least 0.50 cts in weight and to be worn on a Sunday in a Gold or Platinum Ring.
  3. Gemini (Mithun) – Curiosity and Versality make them a risky but lucky gamblers – helped by their Ruling Planet – Mercury, they are rich in intuition and can strike it really rich in games of chance. They will be particularly lucky in Roulette and one armed bandits and similar games of chance and luck rather than skill. They will be additionally lucky if they wear a Emerald in a Gold Ring or a pendant. It should be worn on a Thursday morning. The stone should be above 5 carats in weight and of a Rich Green color preferably of Zambia mines. Green color and the numbers 3,6,8 will be favorable as would be Wednesdays and Sundays.
  4. Cancer (karka) – Not a particularly lucky sign for gambling, they are led by rash and irrational streaks of Gambling, which may lead to substantial losses. They can make money in the stock market or forex trading where a certain amount of research and thinking is needed. Cards and table games are best avoided. They will make money when trading in stocks governed by water,paper,chemicals,airlines,shipping,fishery etc. Their lucky stone is the Pearl – a Good South Sea Pearl will be very useful which can be worn in a Silver Ring on a Monday. White and yellow colors and the numbers 6 and 9 are particularly lucky.
  5. Leo (Simha) – One of the exceptionally lucky signs of the Zodiac, they play big and generally win big. Have a naturally flair and are very fond of gambling and taking on risky ventures. Will make good money on horse betting as well as the stock market – betting on Oil and gas company stocks as well as real estate and reality. Lucky stone is a Red Ruby to be worn in a Gold Ring in the Ring Finger on a Sunday. Lucky color is Red and Orange and lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
  6. Virgo (Kanya) – Virgo born are known for their inherent nature gambling streak – compulsive gamblers – and lucky ones at that. Their sharp memory makes them good card players requiring skill and sharpness of mind. Lucky stone is Emerald to be worn in a Gold Ring in the small finger of either hand on a Wednesday. Luck color is Green and white and lucky numbers are 6 and 3.
  7. Libra (Tula) – Fond of gambling though not compulsive – their outgoing nature does not really favour long hours of sitting in one position or place. However, they would be lucky in outdoor games of chance be it sports or horse racing.



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