Good Feng Shui effects of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Also known as the healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is powerful and is known for protecting the person who is wearing it. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone is available in different colors such as yellow, red, brown and many more. This is a very special stone because it is believed that it possesses a watchful quality. These stones are mostly seen in home décor items. And people have strong faith in these gemstones that they would protect their homes and families from anything evil or bad influences. And also people are believed to be possessing clear emotions and calm minds.

Tiger’s Eye GemstoneAnd hence these stones are mostly used in Feng Shui. These stones are used for protection as well as clearing properties. Wind chimes, balls, hearts, mandarin ducks, pi yao and many other carvings have these tiger’s eye gemstones embedded in them. The power of these items can be enhanced when they are kept next to the front door or near a big window at the entrance. It is also advisable that a tiger’s eye if kept in the children’s room will improve their emotional status. At the same time people at work also will benefit if this gemstone is kept at their office desk.

These gemstones are also used for designing jewelry. And since the most common color of this stone is yellow-golden, these stones go with any kind of metal such as gold, silver or platinum. This piece of jewelry if worn reduces the fear and anxiety in the people. It also helps people make faster and better decisions because they would be in a position to understand things better. These gemstones are most commonly seen in the form of lovely bands. People who fall under the Zodiac Signs of Taurus and Gemini can wear these tiger’s eye gemstones.

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