Know Your Favorite Stones- Emerald and Diamond

The emerald and diamond gemstones are among the most precious and dazzling stones made available to mankind. The emerald gemstone is in its rarest and finest variety in Columbia. This deep rich and elegant gemstone is widely used in all types of jewelries which include pendants, necklaces, rings and so forth. The Cat’s Eye emerald is one of the most popular and expensive variety of emerald gemstone available today. The color and carat of emerald determines its value. Stones which exude a rich and deep green color are considered to be priceless and exquisite. Emeralds with little or no flaws are rare and very expensive.

emerald and diamondEmeralds are the birthstones of people born in the month of May. It includes many beneficial features and brings luck and prosperity to the wearer. Both diamond and emerald rings are worn during engagements and weddings.

Diamond gemstones are known to be hardest stones mankind has ever found on earth. It is also one of the most exquisite and beautiful stones which are used in different types of jewelries. Diamond jewelries are coveted by people all over the world for its unique brilliance and inexplicable beauty. The value of a diamond stone is determined by its color, carat, cut and clarity. Diamonds can be found in different colors which include black, pink, green, blue and yellow. However, the colorless stones are widely popular for its incomparable radiance and glitter.

Emerald and diamond stones with blemishes should never be worn as it could bring misfortune and bad luck to the wearer. Gemstones should be flawless and crystal clear to procure its astrological benefits. Diamond cut emerald rings are very popular and it can be bought from many of the online and offline stores at various price rates. A combination of both diamonds and emeralds are often found in wedding and engagement rings too.

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