Lovely Gemstone Emerald Vibrates With Emotions

The gemstone emerald radiates a deep green color which is related to healing, wealth and detoxification. It is believed to strike a unique balance between emotional, spiritual and physical vibrations. The emerald stones are believed to maintain harmony and strengthen the romantic bonds between people. With a rich green color, the emerald stones denote property, money and material benefits to the wearer.

gem stone emeraldThe gemstone is highly regarded by many spiritual leaders as it helps to accentuate the power of the subconscious mind in many ways. It facilitates in decision making and improves the power of reasoning. It is also worn by people involved in healing and spiritual therapies as it symbolizes health and perpetual youth. The stone is worn by healers, doctors, medical practitioners and so forth.

Known as the mystical birthstone of January, the stone rules over people born under the sun sign of Cancer. Similar to diamonds, the emerald gemstones are precious and incomparable in beauty and luster. Emeralds with the perfect color and luster are rare to find and it is known to be the most expensive and beautiful gemstone in the world.

Today emeralds are used in most of the engagement and wedding jewelries as it exudes an opulent and distinctive appearance. Large emerald stone rings are quite popular and widely demanded for its excellence and beauty. The deep green hue of emerald stones is known to radiate a lustrous beauty which is matchless. Pure and flawless emerald stones can be found in various countries. However, some of the best emerald stones are found inColumbiaandBrazil. Countries likeSrilanka,IndiaandSouth Africaalso mine emeralds of different shades and hues.

The gem stone emerald is believed to possess innumerable healing and corrective powers. However, the beauty and alluring powers of this exquisite gemstone is quite indescribable.

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