Positive Influence of Wearing Ruby Gems

Ruby gems are among the four most precious gemstones found on earth which include diamond, sapphire and emerald. The color of this beautiful gemstone varies from a deep rich red to a purplish red color. It is known in different names all over the world. Considered as the King of Gems, the ruby stones are often worn to reduce the malefic influences of the sun. There are ... [Continue Reading]

Pearl-Stone Beneficial for Students and Scholars

Pearls were only worn by the rich and the elite once upon a time. The very fact that they originate from real oysters from the sea made them very rare and expensive those days. However, today pearls are the most common forms of jewelry available and are quite affordable these days. A variety of pearl collection is available to suit all kinds of occasions. Be it regular ... [Continue Reading]

Pearl is a good choice for bride’s wedding jewelry

A groom will definitely fall short of words to say how beautiful his bride looks while she walks down the aisle in a gorgeous white wedding dress with an elegant pearl set on her. The bride is always the center of attraction at the wedding venue and why not enhance that look with simple pearl jewelry. There is a separate collection of pearl jewelry especially for brides so ... [Continue Reading]

Lovely Gemstone Emerald Vibrates With Emotions

The gemstone emerald radiates a deep green color which is related to healing, wealth and detoxification. It is believed to strike a unique balance between emotional, spiritual and physical vibrations. The emerald stones are believed to maintain harmony and strengthen the romantic bonds between people. With a rich green color, the emerald stones denote property, money and ... [Continue Reading]

Look Extraordinary with Emerald Handcrafted Necklace

The emerald handcrafted necklace emanates a vibrant and natural tint of green color which obviously attracts people from all around the world. Emerald, the birthstone of May is one of the most fabulous gemstones in the world which is used in most of the precious jewelries. The emerald jewelry is found in a variety of forms which include beautiful and dazzling necklaces, ... [Continue Reading]

Know Your Favorite Stones- Emerald and Diamond

The emerald and diamond gemstones are among the most precious and dazzling stones made available to mankind. The emerald gemstone is in its rarest and finest variety in Columbia. This deep rich and elegant gemstone is widely used in all types of jewelries which include pendants, necklaces, rings and so forth. The Cat’s Eye emerald is one of the most popular and expensive ... [Continue Reading]

Handmade Glorious Silver Earring with Stunning Gem

Handmade glorious silver jewelry has made a comeback as it is both trendy and distinctive. With the prices of gold escalating every day, the popularity of silver jewelry has risen simultaneously. Beautiful silver earrings which are handcrafted to perfection are widely available in many of the jewelry stores across the country. Moreover, there are a large number of online ... [Continue Reading]

Handmade Black Diamond Solitaire Ring- A Perfect Gift

One of the most widely used jewelries in the world is the black diamond solitaire ring. These beautiful rings are crafted in various types of metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold and silver. There are many types of beautiful handmade black diamond rings with a unique combination of both white and black diamond stones set intricately into various exclusive ... [Continue Reading]

Handcrafted Ruby Jewelry- Epitome of Elegance

Ruby, the Lord of Gems, is the most outstanding gemstone which is considered to be the sign of passion and love. This beautiful gemstone was first discovered inBurma. It is widely used in all types of jewelries. Handcrafted ruby jewelry is noted for its remarkable designs and unimaginable styles. These jewelries are known to enhance the overall appearance of the wearer. It ... [Continue Reading]

Good Feng Shui effects of Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Also known as the healing crystal, Tiger’s Eye is a stone that is powerful and is known for protecting the person who is wearing it. The Tiger’s Eye gemstone is available in different colors such as yellow, red, brown and many more. This is a very special stone because it is believed that it possesses a watchful quality. These stones are mostly seen in home décor items. ... [Continue Reading]