Personal Zodiac Forecast & Birth Stones 2013

Each individual has a personal and unique birth chart, according to their time of birth, which decides their Zodiac or Sun Sign . Each Sun Sign also has a unique Gemstone type, which is said to beneficial to the wearer, according to their own Zodiac.’

Gems and Birthstones with 2013 Forecast

Sun-signs and Zodiac Signs have been around since the medieval times but over the past decade or so their importance have increased specially when associated with birthstones. Learn how 2013 will be for you and which gems your should wear to bring you good fortune.

Capricorn: (14 January – 11 February)

The period between January and May will be excellent. Efforts made in your job and business will yield very good results. Those in a job can get a promotion, change of portfolio or even look for a new job or assignment. Those connected to creative fields like writing, literature, art, music, cinema etc. will be successful in moving ahead as they develop and showcase their talent. If you wear a garnet stone will also be able to enhance your circle of influence. June to December is a good time. Business persons or entrepreneurs may have to face some challenges but they will prove to be rewarding. There is no need to let this disturb you.The period from January to May will progress smoothly. You will become financially strong and stable. It’s an opportune time to make investments including long term investments. If you are single and are in a romantic relationship then there are strong indications that you will take your marriage vows.All in all the period from June to December will be a good one. Some situation can arise in the family which could lead to arguments.The coming year will be a good one with respect to your health however some stomach or skin related issues could trouble you. Pay special attention during the months of March, May and October. The health of a loved one could also disturb you.

Aquarius: (12 February – 13 March)

During this period you will get two types of results. On the one hand you will get desired work and on the other hand you will get caught up in unnecessary difficulties and even the work which is nearing completion will seem to collapse like a house of cards. Despite this turmoil you will make progress specially if you wear good quality amethyst stone with a strong sense of self belief and focus on goals. In business too do not make too many changes, such plans should either be put on the back burner for now or should be implemented only after considerable thought and planning.Things will improve in the period between June and December. You will go about your work confidently and with great enthusiasm. Job goers can look forward to betterment or even a promotion. Those hunting for a job will also be successful in finding one. Financially January to May will be a good period. With luck on your side financial requirements will be fulfilled and that too in a timely manner. An excellent phase follows from June to year end. There will be a festive like atmosphere in the family as an auspicious event is celebrated. You can register gains with the sale and purchase of property.If you are suffering from any chronic ailment then you need to pay special attention to your health. This also holds true if a loved family member is keeping indifferent health and they will need your attention. Health will need due care in the month of January, March and July.

Pisces: (14 March – 13 April)

The planetary configuration in the period between January and May are such that despite good efforts put in you will not get the desired results in your job or business and this will bother you. You will be unable to establish a good rapport with seniors and peers and this too will be a disturbing factor for you. Business persons will have to face challenges and will encounter difficulties on all fronts. Avoid taking impulsive decisions to bring about a radical change in your venture.June to December will see some ups and downs. You will need to put in a lot of effort to bring system and order to your plans and in this process some plans may also fail.The planetary configuration from January to May is not favourable so you may face some financial constraints. Be armed with facts before you make any investments especially assome schemes may lose their glitter on close examination so the details need to be looked at.Health too will need attention; be especially alert in matters of your own health. If you are suffering from a problematic illness then it may recur. Health of an elder in the family may also need attention. February, March, May and June are vulnerable months in this regard.

Aries: (14 April – 14 May)

The months of January and April will be good on the professional front. If you are in search of a new job, or an Entrepreneur looking for growth, then now is the time to increase your efforts as success is on the cards.In the period between May and October ,those in a job may face tension with seniors at the workplace and some may even have to relocate against their wishes. Stay calm and focused as this too shall pass.Most planets are favorably positioned but from 15 November to 15 December could give rise to some unpleasant situations. Avoid taking risks during this phase.Till the end of May 2013 Family life will be harmonious and there will also be a celebration in the family – it could be a wedding or the birth of a child. It is a good time to invest in property and this can materialize with some additional efforts put in this direction.Overall you will be in good health but some issues could trouble you in the months of January and April.Take special care of your spouse especially if you are getting ready to welcome a baby in your family.

Taurus: (15 May – 15 June)

The period between January and May will be very good.Success is indicated in exam or competition. The time is favorable for a change in job or place so you can work in this direction. Those involved in any creative field will get ample opportunities to showcase their talent .You will sail smoothly from June till the end of 2013. If you are presently facing any opposition or there is difference of opinion then the period between January and May will be beneficial in resolving such situations. The time is favorable to look at financial deals. Investments made at this time will yield good results and it is also a good time for investment in property. If there is any matter in court regarding ancestral property and a verdict is expected then it will be in your favor. A wonderful time will unfold between June and December. A marriage maybe finalized in the family. A joyous and vibrant atmosphere will prevail at home and travel with your family is also on the cards.The coming year will be good as far as your health is concerned but your health may need some attention in January and June. During this time you will also need to be alert about rival and competitor activities. The health of an older member of your family could give you some anxious moments.

Gemini: (16 June – 15 July)

From January to May you will get mixed results during this period. You may be faced with difficulties in your job or your business.The months from June to December will be a good phase. You will get excellent opportunities to move ahead in your present job or business. If you are keen to start your own business or are seeking a job then too this will prove to be a fruitful period. You can look forward to a promotion. There will continue to be a steady flow of income but expenses will rise. Avoid any impulsive decisions regarding investments and should such a situation arise then the advice of well-wishers will prove useful.You would need to be alert on health issues. Your health or the health of a loved one could be a cause of worry. Added to this will be rising expenses. You may feel a bit unsettled during the months of February and April. The phase after June till the end of the year will be very good.

Cancer:(16 July – 15 August)

The planetary position from January to May will be good and bad both. You will keep getting good opportunities and developments and good rewards too in your job or business but you may have to sacrifice your peace of mind. You would need to put in extra efforts to get desired results. Be alert to make sure that you do not meet any losses in business. Remain calm and focused in such situations as they will be crucial in riding this phase.The period between January and May will be satisfactory as the placement of planets is alright. Income will be good but rising expenses will not let you make the most of your income. Do not make any impulsive investments, they should be well thought out. There will be joy as there is a celebration in the family.There could be an occasion where a misunderstanding could arise. If there is any matter regarding ancestral property which is in the courts then you should try to resolve it mutually else it will become long drawn out.You would need to be attentive towards your health. January, March, July and August do not read good on this issue and your health or the health of a loved one could trouble you.

Leo: (16 August – 15 September)

You will have a good period from January to May. You will get good opportunities in job or business there are strong indications of a promotion for those who are in a job. A new job too may be in the offing. If seeking a job or if you want to start a new business then you will get success in this period. It is a favorable and opportune time for businesspersons and they can look to expand their business. The phase between June and December will be even better. If appearing for exam or competitions then too you would meet with success. There will be positive and lucrative developments all around you and your image too will enhance. There would also be work related travel which will be gainful. You will remain happy throughout this period.A good period will unfold from January to May. Efforts made in the financial sector will give good results. It is a good time for purchase of house, flat etc.The coming year is overall a good one from the health point of view. All in all the family environment will be good.

Virgo:(16 September – 15 October)

From January to May some desired developments will take place in your present job or business. You will also get good opportunities to move ahead in your present assignment. Make the most of these lucrative opportunities keeping the time factor in mind else they will be lost. It will be a good period overall between June and year-end. You will have to face many challenges at your work place but your success will depend on how you handle these situations. A situation may arise which could create to some strained relations with seniors and this may affect your working too. Yoga and meditation can help you bring the situation under control.Financially you will do well in the period between January and May. Overall the period between June and December will be a good one but there will also be a lot of action and developments in this phase. There would be developments on the home front for a celebration but you will be a bit disappointed as things will not transpire as you had wanted them to.You will remain in good health throughout the year but you need to be extra careful in January, February and June as your health could trouble you. The health of a loved one could also give you some worry during this time.

Libra:(16 October – 15 November)

The period between January and May will be a bit downbeat.You will need to put in extra efforts to maintain positivity at the workplace without which you will continue to encounter difficulties. Those in business will be able to make progress only after a lot of hard work and efforts. Remaining focused and calm will be of great help. From June to December obstacles and difficulties at the workplace will seem to disappear of their own accord. There will be betterment, promotion or additional responsibilities which will enhance your stature.You will remain happy and positive during this phase.Financially, January to May is not a very good period. You will feel as if there is inflow of money which will ease the constraints but at the last minute things will not fall into place and the money will not come through. There will be a positive change from June to December. With luck on your side you will achieve things that you had not thought were possible. Sudden monetary or property gains are also indicated. In case you or some other family member is suffering from a chronic ailment then you may have to contend with some difficulties. You need to be especially alert during the months of January, May and November.

Scorpio: (16 November – 15 December)

January to May will be a mixed period but overall the pattern of results will be in your favor. Though you will get opportunities for business growth but you will not be able to take full advantage of these opportunities. Avoid taking unnecessary risks at your workplace. You should step up your efforts if you are in the quest for a job through means of exam or competition. Avoid risky actions and decisions.Between June and December there are possibilities of tension becoming predominant at the workplace. It is important that you resolve the issues in a timely manner.January to May will be a satisfactory period. If eligible then your marriage could be finalized and there will also be a celebration in the family.The period between June and December could be marked with tension. You may have to take a loan but this should be well thought out. Use your wisdom and acumen to resolve issues relating to ancestral property disputes.If you or a family member is suffering from chronic illness then this could cause you some worry. Act swiftly as these health problems cannot be wished away. Special attention needs to be given during March, June, August and December.

Sagittarius: (16 December – 13 January)

This will be a wonderful period for you. There will be excellent developments in your career. Promotion is indicated in your present job. If you want a change of job then you will get your wish. If in business, trade or if you are working as an entrepreneur you will get very good opportunities to make progress.The period between June and December will be even better.Overseas assignments, work and connections can be expanded. If you want to go abroad for studies or a job or for business purposes and want to establish yourself then you will be successful.The planets will be in your favor from January to May. Financially you will become stronger and this sector will stabilize and you can look at investment plans. Family life will be vibrant and a celebration too will take place.June to December is a favorable period for you. The eligible are likely to tie the knot and enter into matrimony.Overall the year is good from the health angle but there may be some discomfort in January, March and September. The aged or those who are suffering from any chronic illness need to pay special attention to their health during the year.






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