Positive Influence of Wearing Ruby Gems

Ruby gems are among the four most precious gemstones found on earth which include diamond, sapphire and emerald. The color of this beautiful gemstone varies from a deep rich red to a purplish red color. It is known in different names all over the world. Considered as the King of Gems, the ruby stones are often worn to reduce the malefic influences of the sun.

ruby gemsThere are many positive influences associated with this magnificent gemstone. The finest rubies in the world can be found in countries such asBurma,India,Pakistan,ThailandandVietnam. Rubies can be differentiated by their colors as some of these gemstones are light red in color where as some are dark red and purplish in color. The prices of ruby gemstones are determined according to its color, cut and clarity.

As ruby represents the Sun, it is believed to counter the harmful effects of the Sun according to the Indian Vedic astrology. However, people all over the world believe that wearing ruby gemstones can help to gain physical and mental abilities and strength. It is also believed to possess the power to fight various diseases. It is widely worn for overall good health and prosperity of the family.

The positive influences of ruby gemstones are believed to reduce various health problems such as stomach ailments, gastric problems and so forth. It also enhances the financial status of the person wearing it. It also helps to negate the ill-effects of various planetary positions and helps people to attain higher goals in life.

Ruby stones are worn as pendants, rings and necklaces as it exudes both beauty and elegance. In addition to the opulence it exhibits, this beautiful gemstone is embedded with numerous beneficial and positive attributes. The wearer of ruby gems is blessed with power, prestige, good health, honor and love.

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