Where to Buy a Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam Online

Yellow Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and More from India’s Favourite Online Gem Store

India’s number one gem store Bello is one of the best places to shop for all types of gemstones which include Pukhraj, Panna or Neelam. Most of these gemstones are available on Bello Jewels online stores at affordable price rates. The store also offers free shipping of gemstones to various countries across the world which includes UK,USA,China,Australia, Japan and so forth.

6.25 Ratti Yellow Sapphire from Bello Jewels

Buy Online at wholesale prices natural pukhraj yellow sapphire and other stones with free shipping to 195 countries worldwide.

Beautiful Colombian emerald stones are available through these online gem stores at various price rates. All the gemstones include authenticity certificates which ensure its quality, genuineness and carat. Loose gemstones are also sold through various online stores. Bello gem stores also offer doorstep delivery services to the customers across the world.

The most exquisite blue sapphire stones are also sold through Bello Jewels in different carats and cuts. Loose sapphire stones can also be bought from these online stores at different price rates. The prices of these precious gemstones depend on its carat, quality and cut.

Gemstones are usually chosen according to the birth charts or birth stars. By downloading free astro software, it is possible to identify the type of gemstones which is ideal for a particular birth star or calendar month. Detailed information on the type of gemstones, its properties and effects can be obtained through various astrological websites. For example the stone for Venus is White Sapphire and the stone for Mercury is Colombian or Zambian Emerald.

Gemstones need to be worn according to the birth star as each stone has its own unique properties and effects. Diamonds, emeralds and blue sapphire gemstones are found in most of the jewelries such as necklaces, pendants and earrings. These gemstones are known to enhance the beauty of the wearer in various ways. Pearls are also among the most widely used gemstones as it is a symbol of purity and sanctity. Pearl earrings, necklaces and pendants can also be bought through online stores.




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