Unique Anniversary and Birthday Gift Ideas

With a distinctive variety of gemstones available these days, birthdays and anniversaries can be celebrated in grandeur by gifting some of the most exquisite collection of gemstone jewelries. Indian gemstone jewelries are known for its distinctive elegance and beauty. There are specific gemstones which are related to birth stars and wedding anniversaries. While the first wedding anniversary is celebrated with a golden jewelry, the second wedding anniversary is usually celebrated with a garnet gemstone.

Birthday GiftPearl, which is one of the most popularly used gemstone, is an ideal gift for third wedding anniversaries. Blue topaz is gifted during the fourth wedding anniversary and sapphire is gifted during the fifth wedding anniversary. There are different gemstones for each anniversary. The most exquisite emerald gemstone is gifted during the twentieth wedding anniversary and diamonds are gifted during the tenth wedding anniversary.

The ruby, emerald and sapphire necklace sets are another popular jewelry set which can be gifted on birthdays and other special occasions. There are many online jewelry stores which offer free shipping of gemstones toUK.

Some of the most elegant collections of Indian gemstones are also offered as Christmas presents. Most of the online jewelry store showcases a huge variety of timeless classical pieces of jewelry designed in gold and precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and so forth.

Birthdays can also be celebrated in glory by gifting some of the most stylish gemstones such as diamonds and sapphire. Exquisite and real pearl necklaces can also be gifted on birthdays. Gemstones can be chosen according to the birth star or month as each birth star has specific gemstones. Diamonds are ideal for people born in the month of April where as pearls are related to people born in the month of July. It would be ideal to consult an astrologer before buying birth stone gems.

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