Vibrant Stone Emerald Has the Power of Full Moon

The word emerald is derived from the Persian language which means Green Gem. The magnificent gemstone emerald is usually found in rectangular shapes and it is forever surrounded by mysticism and unusual folklores. Throughout history, this vibrant gemstone is known for its deep rich color and opulent appearance. The stone was worshipped by people of the earlier civilizations. Egyptians buried the emerald stone with the dead believing that it would bring forth never-ending youth.

stone emeraldAlthough emerald gemstones can be found in various countries, this beautiful gemstone is widely found inColumbia. The Columbian emeralds are noted for its rich beautiful hue with a slight blue tint to the stone. It is believed that the power of the emerald stones is at the highest during full moon days. Therefore the stone has a deep connection to the changing phases of the moon. It is often used by healers to cure depression and agonies.

The emerald stone creates a unique impact on the wearers as it possesses various advantageous features. It makes the wearer physically and mentally strong and capable. It awakens the intrinsic capabilities of a person and increases the creativity skill of the wearer. It also bestows the wearer with luck, love and prosperity. Emerald stones are often chosen for engagement and wedding rings as it exudes a remarkably distinctive brilliance which can seldom be achieved by other gemstones.

Emerald stones are often worn by Cancerians as it is their birthstone, although it can be worn by other people too. Emeralds are often combined with diamonds to form some of the most exquisite jewelries in the world. The gemstones have a vibrancy which is beyond compare as it is symbol of life, youth, health and fertility. The beautiful stone emerald can be set in different types of jewelries such as rings, necklaces and pendants.

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