Wear Gemstones after seeking advice from Good Astrologer

Ancient astrology suggests that gemstones be worn only after taking proper guidance from a good astrologer. One should wear a gemstone according to the horoscope recommendation or a stone that suits the zodiac sign. Every person’s astrology is ruled by the nine planets and thus one should wear a gemstone that can help you overcome any obstacles caused due to such planet movement. And the modern day astrology revolves around career, love life and other personal relationships. Gemstones have the power of changing a person’s life entirely. And hence they should be very cautious of choosing the right stone.

Birthstones and Gems As Per Indian Astrology

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Gemstones have an energy field around them which have the power to increase the mental and emotional energies of the individuals who wear them. And it is also believe that a gemstone can promote changes for a longer period of time. An individual should wear gemstone not because he or she likes the stone but because of their healing powers and according to the zodiac sign recommendation. The gemstones are classified as hot gemstones and cold gemstones depending upon their nature and their origin. And this classification is directly linked with the zodiac sign.

Gemstones are believed to be increasing the efficiency and remove the deficiency in a person who is wearing them. These stones have vibrating and radioactive effects because of the spectrum around them. And the protective aura is what proves to be beneficial for the wearers. Many gemstone dealing websites allow buyers to ask for astrological recommendations from astro experts, so that they can make a purchase according to such recommendations. People from all over the world believe in gemstones and the benefits of wearing them. They are making a fashion statement by wearing these gemstones in the form of fashionable jewelry such as bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces and ear rings. Metals advised to be used with astro gems are silver, gold, panch dhatu (combination of 5 metals) and asht dhatu (combination of 8 metals).

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